Handcrafted Name Puzzles

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Name puzzles are hand crafted from Baltic birch plywood. Each brightly coloured letter is a puzzle piece cut from Baltic birch stock with a scroll saw, then painted in bright primary colours. The Baltic birch stock is varnished, and with backing attached, becomes a tray into which the letters are returned. All finishes used are non-toxic. Size range is approximately 7” x 4.5” to 14.5” x 4.5” depending on the number and size of letters in the name. Puzzles are priced according to the number of letters in the name:

Up to 5 letters – $19.00
6 to 8 letters – $20.00
9 or 10 letters – $21.00

Name Puzzle

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We have more than 600 different names in stock at the market!

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